John and Jo Ingle have provided financial and material support over a number of years, including special White Deer bottlings of their Heron Hill wines and a critical matching funds grant in 2015. We dedicated the John and Jo Ingle Welcome Center to them for their outstanding efforts.

Other key sponsors include
  • Karl Gunther - K Ventures
  • Seneca County Board of Supervisors
  • Canandaigua National Bank

Many donors have made memorial gifts to Seneca White Deer, including:

In memory of Roger Hirschland
Michael Browde,  Jonathan Charnas,  Sarah Clark,  Anne Golovin,  A. Lynn Hickey,  Edward C. Hirschland,  Joan  E. Jacobs,  Jacqueline Leventhal,  Joan Ramage Macdonald,  Joyce C. Melin,  Cheryl Mohr,  Debra Morgan,  Brooke Nixon,  Nancy Ramage,  Clifford Renshaw,  Patricia Robbins,  Jim and Ellen Sartori,  Susan Tejada,  Patricia Tenthorey,  William Tribelhorn, Candice Uhlig,  Elizabeth Willingham.

In memory of Mary Holden
Robert J. Holden

In memory of Anthony Rybash
Christine Englert

          In memory of Daryl Holdridge
                 Lynn Harris,  Peter & Pamela Kurau,  Martha Jo Pulver

        In memory of Robert Dailey
              Missy Dailey, Beth Grimm, William McCarthy, Zick Whitted Taub Group

In Memory of Joseph J. Natelli
Carol Gibbs - Van Cleef Homestead B and B


Over the years, hundreds of individuals and groups have given generously to support our efforts. We thank them all, but the following list (in alphabetical order) includes our most recent and substantial donors:
  • Peter Akins
  • Dolores N. Baker
  • Aimee Bartelt
  • Dr.Robert and Mart Bausch
  • Louise Bement
  • Ellen Booth
  • Sgt. Major Charles Bruch
  • John and Virginia Burke
  • Canandaigua Senior Citizens
  • Canandaigua Rotary Club
  • Norma Cappelli
  • Donna Carl
  • Steve Churchill
  • Bill and Margaret Clark
  • Council Rock Associates LLC
  • Ms. Laurel Cox
  • David & Lorraine Curtis
  • Sue Czapranski
  • Bob and Missy Dailey
  • Peter and Doris Depew
  • Carol and James Doolittle
  • Carolyn Donahue
  • Shobha Eason
  • East Ridge Animal Hospital
  • Dr. Fred Fuess III
  • Charles Gibson
  • Roger Hirschland
  • Joy Humes
  • Sharon Iranpour
  • Nelson and Mildred Jameson
  • Richard and Elaine Keene
  • Vince Lalli
  • Diane and James Lasher
  • Patti and Tom Lasalle
  • Gehrig Lohrmann
  • Jacqui Matteson
  • Jean McCreary
  • Michael McGinnis
  • Gordon and Andrea Meyer
  • Dennis & Sheila Money
  • Michelle Monnone-Brew
  • Tim Montroy
  • Martin H. Morse
  • Mark Muller
  • Judith Mazurkiewicz
  • Ed Morrison and Judy Patton
  • Becky and John Pauliny
  • Dan and Shelley Pletcher
  • Diane Potter
  • Floyd Rayburn
  • Bobbie Reif
  • Betsy and Greg Russell
  • R J Holden Company
  • Edith Small
  • Seneca County Board of Supervisors
  • Seneca County Federation of Sportsmen
  • Seneca Falls Rotary Club
  • Thomas Simkulet
  • Kenneth Shufelt
  • Janet and Robert Smith
  • Sue Stehling
  • Emma Taylor
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Barbara Thomas
  • Catherine Thomson
  • Chris Valdes
  • Demaris and Steve Verzulli
  • Cynthia and Larry Weis
  • Russell and Barb Wells
  • Jim Young

Seneca White Deer works with many valued partners to offer our programs to the public. Please visit their websites and support them.

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